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Arab Spring, Russian Winter? Ask a Mac Expert


KOWS Radio Occidental: Interview with John Colarusso

Radio Free School: Talking Language with John Colarusso


Для Запада настало время искать новый дискурс для Грузии – Джон Коларуссо

Other Interviews & Media Activities

• Interview with Dominique Forget, Québec Science Magazine, 17 October 2012. On the “Out of Anatolia Hypothesis,” regarding the homeland of Proto-Indo-European.

Interview in Otkrytaja (2011), 26 July - 3 August no.29, “Izuchite opyt Shotlandii, eto vam pomozhet,” [Learn from the experience of Scotland; it will help you].

• Interview with Fatima Tlisova of Voice of America 4 April 2011, regarding on Circassians and Russia.

• Interview with Nicole Baute of the Toronto Star, 29 September 2008, regarding urban legends and cougar sightings in Ontario. 

• Interview with RFE/RL, 28 August, 2008, regarding the Russian – Georgian conflict. 

• Appeared on Morning Live, at CHML, 14th of August 2008, regarding the Russian – Georgian conflict. 

• Interviews on New Year’s resolutions, for CHAM and K-Lite, Hamilton, and for CLTB in St. Catherines, 2007 

• Interviewed by Marissa Nichols of the Hamilton Spectator regarding a human rights case of a Canadian man, Huseyincan Celli, held in Uzbekistan, 7 April 2006. 

• Guest participant, “Circassia,” international chat room,, 26 February 2005. 

• Interview with the Radio Free School, What is Mythology?, 15 February 2005. 

• Interview with Paul Webster, freelance journalist reporting for The Independent, on alleged leaks of nuclear material from Russians to Chechen separatists. 11 December 2002. 

• Appearance on the BBC Radio show, The Verb, regarding myth and Caucasian Nart sagas.  16 November 2002. 

• Interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, on the Chechen hostage taking in Moscow.  25 October 2002. 

• Interview with David Filipov, The Boston Globe, Moscow Bureau, on alleged thefts of nuclear material from a power station in southern Russia (Volgadonskaya).  26 July 2002. 

• Interviewed by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on the Circassian language.  3 March 2002. 

• Interviewed by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on Circassian history for their program on the North Caucasus.  10 March 2002. 

• Telephone interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty regarding the terrorist crisis in Georgia and the introduction of American troops to the Caucasus.  1 March 2002. 

• Panelist on the phone in program, "Talk of the Nation," on National Public Radio, USA, fielding questions, along with the British journalist Tom DeWaal, on the crisis in Chechnia.  30 September 1999. 

• Interviewed for the CBC's "As It Happens," regarding the crisis in Chechnia.  23 September 1999. 

• Interview with CBC Radio, As It Happens, regarding elections in Chechnia.  27 January 1997. 

• Interviewed by Candace Hughes (AP) over tensions in the North Caucasus (Karachay - Cherkessia).   October 1996. 

• Interviewed by Andrew Harding (BBC) regarding prospects for peace in Chechnia.  May 1996. 

• I have consulted for National Geographic magazine for their article “The Scythians.”  March 1996. 

• Appeared on Sunday Morning Live, CBC, with regard to the Russo- Chechen war, 18 December 1994.

• Interviewed on Russo – Chechen War by C-SPAN, National Public Radio, U.S., 12 December 1994, and 

• Interviewed on Russo – Chechen War by CBC, As It Happens, 16 December 1994. 

• Interviewed by various branches of Russian television and radio.  August 1993. 

• Interviewed on the Caucasus by ITAR-TASS, the main Russian news service, 24 February 1993.