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Abkhazian Elicitation List
Vastness Revisited
Making Sense of Nonsense Inscriptions Associated with Amazons and Scythians on Athenian Vases
Ancient Linguistic Links in Western Eurasia
Post-Glacial, a New Super-phylum Hypothesis for Eurasia
A Reader in Northwest Caucasian Languages
The Typology of the Gutturals
Vastness Revisted
Making Sense of Nonsense Inscriptions Associated with Amazons and Scythians on Athenian Vases
The Storehouse of History, Ancient Ethnonyms and other Names from the Caucasus
Kabardian (East Circassian)
Counter Examples in Linguistics, the Case of Circassian as a Split Anaphor Language
Georgian and Other Caucasian Languages
More Pontic, Further Etymologies between Indo-European and Northwest Caucasian
An Ubykh Sampler
Kabardian (East Circassian)
Languages of the Dead
Reflexives and Reciprocals in Circassian, and Other Problems for Government and Binding Theory
Microcosmos: the Circassian Verb
How to Describe the Sounds of the Northwest Caucasian Languages
How Many Consonants does Ubykh Have?
Phyletic Links between Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Northwest Caucasian
Proto-Northwest Caucasian, or How to Crack a Very Hard Nut
East Circassian (Kabardian Dialect)
The Northwest Caucasian Languages: a Phonological Survey
Pharyngeals and Pharyngealization
Circassian /-qa-/ Meets Semantic Algebra and Ergativity
Fast vs. Slow Languages: comments on the structure of discourse and the evolution of language
Review of Thomas V. Gamkrelidze and Givi I. Machavariani (1982), Sonantensystem und Ablaut in den Kartwelsprachen
Vowel Disharmony: Linguistic Contacts between the Northeastern Altaic, Paleosiberian and North American Indian Peoples
Western Circassian Vocalism
Review of "The Languages of the Soviet Union. Bernard Comrie
Typological Parallels between Proto-Indo-European and the Northwest Caucasian Languages
Circassian West (Bzhedukh Dialect)
Caucasian Languages
Phonemic Contrasts and Distinctive Features: Caucasian Examples
Rightward Movement, Question Formation and the Nature of Transformational Processes: the Circassian Case
Verbs that Inflect for Kinship
Northwest Caucasian Languages
Languages of the North-West Caucasus
Syntactic Rule-Ordering in Modern Persian
The Relationship between Aspiration and Nasalization
Consonants with Advanced Tongue Root in the Northwest Caucasian Languages
Where the Words Are: Lexical Retrieval in a Speech Understanding System
Chronological Rules for Continuous Speech
On Two-Vowel Systems